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The challenges

The automotive value-chain is undergoing dramatic changes. Electric vehicles, new entrants, car-sharing, long-term rental, online sales were all marginal a few years ago and are now quickly becoming mainstream.


From an operations perspective, car manufacturers, suppliers and distributors must quickly gain in flexibility and reactivity without losing profitability. With product life-cycles decreasing, launches and ramp-ups will multiply whereas steady-state, optimized production and supply chain will become more difficult to achieve.


We apply our in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry, combined with an expertise in lean, agile and digitization to assist companies redefining and adapting their operations to the new market conditions.

Mobility: About

Automotive operations. Optimized.

Discover some of our dedicated approaches to optimize automotive operations

New operations

Processes, digital, people. Fast check, detailed plant diagnostic, specific problem solving, end-to-end optimization and digitization, employee training and coaching

Supplier fitness

Supplier capability, capacity checks, maturity assessment. Uptime and output optimization, delivery and quality assurance, benchmarking, interim management and turn-around

Smart ramp-up

Lean factory design, alignment of capabilities and competences, agile industrialization, creative process design and validation for a fast, right-first-time set-up

Selected references from our consultants

Mobility: Projects
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Rapid supply chain boost

OEM and tier one faced with urgent delivery performance issues and shortages

Our people quickly evaluated the processes, capabilities, capacities and risks of the most critical suppliers. Weaknesses were identified and measures were defined to secure delivery

Within 3 days, supplier-client joint improvement roadmaps were established and committed to by the suppliers. Where needed, our team then supported selected suppliers to solve their issues

Industrial footprint design

A tier one supplier encountered delivery and profitability issues within its European production network

Our team performed 7 plant assessments focusing on portfolio, technology concept, capacities, processes, buildings and infrastructure. This lead to a lean factory design of 2 new green field plants

Management approved the business plan presented after 3 months and the 2 plants were successfully built

Turnaround and Operational Excellence

A 16 000-employees division faced challenges in costs and delivery post-acquisition of 2 competitors

Our team ran rapid plant assessments, defined plant road maps, performed leadership trainings, improved the E2E order fulfillment process and the organization. A global excellence system was defined and rolled out.

Within a year, 5 plants in the US & EU completed their turn around ; 16 plants adopted the maturity assessment and proposed 3.years improvement plans

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