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New energy

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The challenges

Renewable energy is imposing itself around the world as a competitive element of the energy mix.

Progressively reaching technological maturity, Wind and Solar PV are coming out of subsidized systems. The pressure is intensifying on the costs of development, construction and O&M

Leveraging our deep knowledge of the sector, we implement specific approaches to optimize operations and maximize energy returns

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New energy operations. Optimized.

Discover our dedicated approaches to new energy operations

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Agile portfolio development

Wind and solar project development and deals support ( interim project management, commercial due diligence, transfer to EPC)

Lean power plant construction

EPC contracting support. Optimization of the EPC processes from take-over to hand-over. Interim project management

Power plant capacity booster

Enhanced power plant operations to maximize output. Use of customized digital tools for uptime and output optimization

Energy: Projects

Selected references from our consultants

Process turnaround - offshore wind EPC

An EPC company was facing delays, organizational and technical difficulties in the construction and commissioning phase.

With a hands-on approach, our consultants were deployed on-site and helped identify tackle the most critical issues, redefine on-offshore processes, work organization down to a micro leveland orders management

Interim management - utility-scale solar PV development

Under a joint development agreement (JDA), our consultants took over the early stage development activities on behalf of a large solar company in a country where it had not yet established a presence.

Severeal hundreds of MW of ground-mounted and large rooftops projects were originated in less than 2 years

Operational and commercial due diligences - transaction support

Commercial and operational due diligence performed over several gigawatts of solar photovoltaic, on- and offshore wind energy power plants, buy-side and sell-side in Europe, North and South America

Energy: Projects
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